Exercises for Venn Diagramming

1. Some cats are pets and some pets have fleas. Do some cats have fleas?
2. Not all Americans are rich. Rich Americans do not drive Yugos. Do some Americans drive Yugos?
3. Some cars are reliable and some aren't. Unreliable cars have poor warranties. Do all cars have poor warranties?
4. Only movie stars drive Maseratis. Everyone who drives a Maserati is a snob. Joe isn't a snob. Is Joe a movie star?
5. Some Baptist preachers eat chicken. Reverend Sims is a preacher and he eats chicken. Is Reverend Sims a Baptist?
6. John and Mary are both philosophy students, but only Mary is taking logic. Only logic students understand Venn diagrams, and even some logic students don't understand them. Does John understand Venn diagrams?
7. Only women may join. Humphrey is not a woman. Everyone in the car-pool has joined. Is Humphrey in the car-pool?
8. All mutts chase cars. Odie is a dog but he is not a mutt. Does Odie chase cars?
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