Exercises for Venn Diagramming

1. Some Russians are communists and some communists speak English. Do some Russians speak English?
2. Not all Arabs are Muslims. Arab Muslims do not eat pork. Do some Arabs eat pork?
3. Some birds fly and some don't. Birds that don't fly have small wings. Do all birds have small wings?
4. Doctors are rich and rich people are conservative. Fred is conservative. Is Fred a doctor?
5. Some conservative democrats are from Georgia. Sam Nunn is a conservative from Georgia. Is Sam Nunn a democrat?
6. Nunn and Kennedy are both democrats, but only Kennedy is a liberal. Only liberals support socialized medicine, and even some liberals don't support it. Does Nunn support socialized medicine?
7. None but the ambitious succeed. Mary is not ambitious. All logic students succeed. Is Mary is a logic student?
8. All logic students are intelligent. George is a student, but he does not study logic. Is George intelligent?
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