Exercises for Venn Diagramming

1. Only dragons breathe fire, and all dragons fly. So all flying dragons breathe fire.
2. Some sea creatures are mammals, and some mammals have well-developed social structures. So some sea creatures have well-developed social structures.
3. All flying mammals eat insects. Some mammals do not eat insects. So some mammals do not fly.
4. Bats are flying mammals. The Red Baron is a flying mammal. So the Red Baron is a bat.
5. Penguins are found only in Antarctica. No cichlasomas are found in Antarctica. So penguins are not cichlasomas.
6. All professional athletes are overpaid. Bruce Jenner is an athlete, but he is not a professional. So he is not overpaid.
7. No genius is tidy. Some children are geniuses. So some children are not tidy.
8. Only hard-workers pass this course. Some of my students are hard workers. So some of my students will pass this course.
9. None but the beautiful may join the club. I am not beautiful. All the snobs are in the club. So I am not a snob.
10. Tom and Dick are both singers, but only Tom sings opera. Only opera singers sing at the Metropolitan, and even some opera singers don't sing at the Metropolitan. So Dick doesn't sing at the Metropolitan.

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